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Active Serum

iS Clinical's Active Serum is a product that will appeal Read More to so many of my patients who have been looking to address fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and blemishes. iS Clinical’s Active Serum is a fast-acting product that is effective at addressing all of these issues. How effective? One commissioned study quantified a 65% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, 94% reduction in blemishes, and 57% reduction in uneven skin tone. How fast-acting? Immediate to 12 weeks. With these attributes, it should be no surprise that iS Clinical’s Active Serum won a 2021 Best Beauty Buys award from InStyle magazine.

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Brightening Complex

iS Clinical's Brightening Complex is specifically formulated to address pigmentationRead More and skin tone issues without drying out your skin or causing it to peel. To the contrary, iS Clinical's Brightening Complex supplements your skin’s hydration while providing the controlled exfoliation that is safe & effective at brightening skin tone and addressing uneven pigmentation. This formula targets all 5 mechanisms that contribute to pigmentation in the skin and it’s hydroquinone free.

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Brightening Serum

iS Clinical's Brightening Serum might best be thought of as Read More a "booster" treatment for targeting particular areas of your skin that exhibit irregular pigmentation and uneven skin tone. One commissioned study found that iS Clinical’s Brightening Serum reduced the visible intensity of a pigment spot by 75% over three months of use. Another big advantage is it's Hydroquinone Free!

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C Eye Serum

iS Clinical's C Eye Serum Advance + is specifically made Read More is specifically made to address the tough-to-treat skin that surrounds our eyes. This area can show more than just fine lines and wrinkles. It can also exhibit under-eye puffiness and dark circles as well. iS Clinical's C Eye Serum Advance + is specifically formulated to address all of these issues, strongly but gently, while also contributing enhanced antioxidant protection to this sensitive area. It contains second generation time released vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and growth factors. This is great for patients who do not like cream around the eye area or who just want to do everything they possibly can to help prevent aging around the delicate eye area.

15 ml $60 0
Cleansing Complex

iS Clinical's Cleansing Complex is beloved by my husband, who Read More is otherwise a notorious skin care scofflaw! And there are good reasons that even he loves iS Clinical's Cleansing Complex. It is a clear and lightweight gel that is both strong and gentle – strong enough to remove makeup and deep-clean skin and pores, yet gentle so that it doesn’t dry your skin by stripping it of its natural essential oils. It is also extremely versatile. All skin types can use this Cleansing Complex, regardless of age, and even blemish-prone skin will benefit from its use. Pro tip: leave it on for ten minutes or so once a week as a mini masque that gently exfoliates.

180 ml $44 0
Hydra Cool Serum

iS Clinical's Hydra Cool Serum is like a cool drink Read More of water for your face! Not sticky or tacky, think of this as a moisturizer acting as a serum, made to mix with another iS Clinical serum for additional moisturizing and to spread the other serum further. Pro tips: you can mix Hydra Cool Serum with a liquid foundation for dewy glow, you can dab it on over your makeup all day long for a hydrating pick-me-up, and it is great on the cuticles too!

15 ml $60 0
Neck Perfect Complex

iS Clinical's Neck Perfect Complex is a product that Read More will appeal to so many of my patients who have been asking for help with their necks, in particular, skin that has taken on a crepey appearance and lost firmness or elasticity. iS Clinical’s Neck Perfect Complex was specifically formulated to address these issues, with one commissioned clinical study finding that, after 12 weeks, 77% of the test group exhibited improved skin firmness, 76% demonstrated improved skin laxity, and 74% showed improved skin smoothness. Apply it to your neck, jawline and décolleté to achieve a look that is more defined, tightened and lifted.

1.7 oz $105 0
Pro Heal Serum

iS Clinical's Pro-Heal Serum Advance + is named "Pro-Heal" Read More because it "promotes healing." Pro-Heal Serum Advance + is made with 15% time-released L-ascorbic acid / Viamin. C, and it is great for any skin that is dry, red or itchy. That makes it great for rosacea, cystic acne, or just any skin that is exposed to the raw cold of New England winters. Contains pure vitamins E and A with powerful antioxidant protection, powerful antiinflamatory. Pro Tip: use Pro-Heal Serum Advance + to take the itch out of summertime mosquito bites!

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Reparative Moisture Emulsion

iS Clinical's Reparative Moisture Emulsion is like a cream crossed Read More with a serum, yielding a moisturizer that also repairs and protects skin from environmental aggressors. Indeed, Reparative Moisture Emulsion was originally made to address complaints of peeling from patients on prescription retinA. It also includes extremozymes (enzymes that help plants & humans thrive in extreme environments) and SOD, a rather expensive antioxidant.

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Sheald Recovery Balm

iS Clinical's SHEALD Recovery Balm has extraordinary hydrating and healing Read More properties. I believe in it so strongly that I give a tube to every one of my Opus Fractional Plasma patients to speed their post-procedure recovery. But you don’t need a procedure to benefit from this super-rich moisturizer. It is dramatically effective at replenishing and hydrating any dry or sensitive skin. Excellent protective moisturizer for harsh/cold and dry climates (think New England!).

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Youth Body Serum

iS Clinical's Youth Body Serum is a super hydrating body Read More product that is targeted at fine lines and wrinkles on the body-that ugly crepey skin. It can be worn alone in the spring and summer, and in the fall and winter can be used in addition to a lotion. Plus it smells delicious -- like watermelon – thanks to the watermelon extremozymes that protect the skin against environmental aggressors such as pollution and salty sweat. *

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Youth Lip Elixir

iS Clinical's Youth Lip Elixir is an anti-aging lip Read More product that plumps your lips and addresses any surrounding fine lines & wrinkles by using the water that is already present! Youth Lip Elixir is mainly meant to be part of your nighttime regime, to be applied ON your lips to help hydrate, but also AROUND your lips to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the vermillion border aka "smokers lines" *

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