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BOTOX® Cosmetic

A Simple Injection for Crow’s Feet, Sweaty Palms, Migraines, and More in Newton and the Boston Area

Botox for forehead before & after.
*Actual patient of Dr. Happe. Individual results may vary

It’s time to say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX® at the Boston area’s Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics is a prescription-only medication enjoyed by women and men alike seeking to to reduce facial wrinkles. The injectable can also address a number of other cosmetic and medical issues. It’s remarkably versatile and highly studied. Years of research back millions of applications each year.

Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics

Ready for BOTOX®? Boston-area women and men who want to smooth out facial wrinkles and more can arrange an initial consultation at Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics. Call (617) 597-2600.

*Individual patient results may vary.

Typing “BOTOX® near me” into your search bar may bring up dozens of results. But not every injector has the same experience or skills. Dr. Holly Happe is a board-certified physician who has served on the Harvard Medical School faculty. She began her BOTOX® practice in 2006. Since then, she has administered it consistently to all kinds of patients to address all kinds of concerns. She combines her skill, knowledge, and experience with the artistic eye necessary for safely delivering a “less-is-more” natural-looking cosmetic result.

*Actual patient. Results may vary between individuals.

Dr. Holly Happe also works to make your experience comfortable and personalized. She mixes discretion, compassion, and warmth to build a relationship with your overall best interest at its heart. She will always recommend the ideal approach. That may involve BOTOX® injections, lifestyle changes, a different skin care routine, or a combination of strategies. If you don’t need it, she will let you know!

What is BOTOX®?

 Botox before and after 
*Individual patient results may vary

The medication known as BOTOX® is derived from bacteria. Clostridium botulinum creates a chemical known as botulinum toxin. This chemical disrupts the proper transmission and reception of signals in the body. For example, when muscles don’t get the message to contract, they stay at rest. This prevents them from pulling the skin into positions that reveal wrinkles, lines, and furrows. The result is a smoother look.

This ability has a range of applications and is safe when applied by a trained and experienced physician. It is also temporary.

Dr. Holly Happe Dr. Holly Happe
Dr. Holly Happe

A More Beautiful You

Dr. Holly Happe has years of experience with medical aesthetics, providing results that help skin to look and feel the best it can.

Harvard Medical School American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine RealSelf Allergan Medical Institute Master Injector American Board of Anesthesiology

What Conditions Can BOTOX® Treat?

 Botox before and after  
*Individual patient results may vary.

The FDA has approved BOTOX® Cosmetic for addressing crow’s feet, frown lines, and horizontal forehead lines. It is also frequently used by physicians to smooth out bunny lines in the nasal area and fine lines above the lips, soften a square jaw, lessen teeth grinding, provide a lift for a drooping eyebrow, reduce a gummy smile, relax neck bands via a “Nefertiti lift,” and shape the outer part of the nostrils, corners of the lips, and more.

Beyond its cosmetic applications, there are also medical uses for BOTOX®: for migraines and excessive sweating.

In the case of excessive sweating, medically known as hyperhidrosis, BOTOX® can prevent sweat glands from producing fluid under the arms, on the palms, soles of the feet and on the face.

For patients who wear their teeth down with grinding or who hold tension in their jaw, causing soreness and headaches, BOTOX® can be injected into the powerful masseter muscle. This muscle is one of four that controls the process of chewing. Relaxing this particular muscle prevents it from contracting as significantly, which ultimately reduces both tension and teeth grinding (known medically as bruxing) to provide relief.

Remember that all of these results are temporary, with the effects wearing off after a matter of months. Repeat treatments can be scheduled to maintain long-term results.

If you want to see real-life effects of BOTOX®, before-and-after photos show the types of results possible.

gummy smile before & after. 

*Actual patient. Results may vary.

What is the Newton BOTOX® Cosmetic Experience?

Before your BOTOX® session, Dr. Holly Happe will perform a complete medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. She will also perform a complete facial examination to see which areas of your face could benefit from the injectable. You will be asked to do things like raise and furrow your eyebrows, squint, and wrinkle your nose. Dr. Holly Happe will note such factors as wrinkle crease depth and symmetry. She will then design a treatment plan around those findings. Be prepared to list medications you are taking, allergies you may have, or activities you may be undergoing.

The injections take only minutes to administer and may feel like small, quick “pinches” to the skin. That said, Dr. Happe is a board-certified anesthesiologist who prioritizes pain minimization.

*Actual patient. Results may vary.

Dr. Happe’s philosophy is to start small for a more natural, expressive look. Subsequent doses can be adjusted accordingly. You should expect to schedule a two-week follow up visit. That is when “tweakments” can be made if there are issues or if you desire further relaxation of the muscles.

Right after the treatment, expect some slight discomfort in the injected areas. There shouldn’t be any pain afterward. You may be asked to perform facial exercises by frowning and smiling frequently for the hour after the treatment. Anywhere from one to 14 days later, you will start to see the effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic: less-visible wrinkles, smoother skin, and other benefits, depending on the treatment. You can resume your normal daily activities right after the session—with exceptions. You cannot lie down or bend over for four hours after the treatment, and strenuous exercise should be avoided for 24 hours.

The wrinkle-smoothing effects typically last three to five months. After that, treatment can be repeated as desired.

Are There Other Wrinkle-Erasing Injectables?

Yes. BOTOX® Cosmetic was the first muscle relaxer approved by the FDA and has the longest, safest history. But similar injectables, known as Dysport® and Xeomin®, are also available.

Discover what unites and sets apart various neuromodulators, including BOTOX®, at Newton's Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics.
Discover what unites and sets apart various neuromodulators, including BOTOX®, at Newton's Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics. 
All neuromodulators work the same—relaxing muscles that cause certain facial lines and wrinkles—but each brand has its own unique benefits. Learn more about the differences and similarities for treating wrinkles with Jeuveau™, Dysport®, Xeomin®, and BOTOX®at Newton’s Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics.

Are There Side Effects to Watch For?

BOTOX® is safe but powerful. Dr. Holly Happe will give you a list of rare side effects to watch for. You should expect to experience little more than temporary slight redness, swelling, and other reactions common to treatments that involve injections.

What Complements a BOTOX® Treatment?

In addition to BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dr. Holly Happe offers dermal fillers to smooth out wrinkles that form due to age-related volume loss—as opposed to repetitive muscle activity. These cosmetic treatments can address what BOTOX® Cosmetic can’t—and vice-versa—for an overall more youthful look. Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics also provides microneedling and chemical peels for skin rejuvenation.

How much BOTOX will I need? 
Where can I use BOTOX? 

Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Holly Happe administers every injection of BOTOX® at her Boston-area practice. Contact Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics for an initial consultation by calling (617) 597-2600.

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