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Age-related collagen loss is one of the main reasons people begin to look older. As healthy skin loses collagen, it begins to reveal creases and hollows on the face. Injectable Sculptra® at the Boston area’s Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics counters these changes, serving as a temporary “substitute” for the lost collagen while simultaneously encouraging new collagen to grow.

Most injectable cosmetic treatments that focus on age-related volume loss are gels that smooth out the target area, and then are gradually absorbed into the body. Sculptra® adds volume like these gels, but its formula also serves to stimulate collagen production for natural, longer-lasting results.

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What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra in Newton & Waban, MA

The majority of fillers available use hyaluronic acid as their base. This molecule is found throughout the body and is prized for its ability to bind with water, providing abundant hydration and moisturization where it is found in sufficient quantities.

Hyaluronic acid molecules “live” in frameworks built by collagen, which is a protein that allows skin to be both strong and flexible. Over time, both collagen and hyaluronic acid diminish in the skin.

Sculptra® is a poly-L-lactic acid based bio-modulator. Its formula, augmented with micro-particles, rekindles the skin’s ability to produce collagen molecules. The process works in three parts: First, it provides subtle, but noticeable volume that restores contours in the midface and smooths out creases. Second, the micro-particles stimulate the building of collagen frameworks in the areas where injected. Third, as Sculptra is absorbed over time into the skin, it leaves behind structural support that preserves youthful contours and welcomes hyaluronic molecules for improved hydrations. Because this process takes time to run its course, you won’t see the results of Sculptra’s bio-stimulation of collagen until four to six months after injection.

Dr. Holly Happe Dr. Holly Happe
Dr. Holly Happe

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Dr. Holly Happe has years of experience with medical aesthetics, providing results that help skin to look and feel the best it can.

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What Is the Newton Sculptra® Experience?

Dr. Holly Happe is a board-certified physician and anesthesiologist, which means she approaches every treatment from the start with an aim to minimize discomfort as she creates customized, beautiful results.

She starts every treatment with a facial assessment and medical history review to focus on safety and ensure Sculptra® is the most appropriate option.

The number of injections required depends on where Sculptra® is being administered and what signs of aging are being treated. No matter the location, each injection will feel like a small pinch or localized pressure.

While results of a Sculptra® session can be seen four to six months after the injections, an ideal look will likely require several sessions spaced four to six weeks apart, with a small amount being added each time. This creates a natural—not overdone—look that can last for years.

See how collagen loss impacts skin over time, leading to signs of aging that can be addressed with Sculptra® at the Boston area's Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics.
Collagen levels in adult skin drop steadily over time after a person turns about 20 years old. Rejuvenating collagen-producing cells—as with injectable Sculptra® at the Boston area’s Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics in Newtown—can restore higher collagen levels and “reverse” the signs of aging that develop due to collagen loss.

What Complements Sculptra®?

Fillers like Sculptra®, Juvederm®, Bellafill®, and Restylane® address volume loss. Wrinkles and other facial lines associated with muscle activity—such as frown lines between the eyebrows—require a neuromodulator, such as BOTOX®, Xeomin®, Dysport®, or Jueveau.

Facial redness and dullness, fine lines, certain scars, and other superficial skin issues often respond well to chemical peels or microneedling with collagen induction therapy—both of which also stimulate collagen production.

When combined, various options can work together to give the face a rejuvenated look not isolated in one particular treatment area.

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