3 Easy Tricks to Hide a Double Chin

Whether you’ve suddenly noticed the appearance of some extra flab below your chin or have always considered this to be your problem area, it can be a nuisance not being able to do anything about a double chin. Boston-area patients have many non-surgical treatment options available for reducing a double chin, including Kybella®, a treatment injected directly into the submental area to destroy the unwanted fat cells with deoxycholic acid.

Other options are BOTOX®, which can relax key muscles to give you the appearance of a slimmer jawline, and dermal fillers to give the jaw a more defined and sculpted appearance.

However, if you’re running low on time or otherwise can’t make it to your appointment, you want to optimize the results from another chin procedure, or you simply want to make your double chin less noticeable right away, don’t panic. There are a few things that can be done to improve the appearance of your neck and chin area, all of which you can do in minutes from your own home.

1. Dress to Impress

Although it might seem like your outfit has little to nothing to do with your chin, what you wear can make a major difference in how your face appears. Switch to clothes that draw attention away from your jawline area and elongate your neck, such as V-neck shirts instead of turtlenecks. Longer necklaces are also a great way to draw the eye away from your chin.

2. Use Makeup

It’s time to put your contouring skills to the test. The goal is to make your chin look as far back from the rest of your face as possible, so apply an eye shadow or a matte bronzer that’s three shades darker than your foundation below the jawline and blend it well between the jawline and ears, and then onto the neck. Use bold makeup on the cheeks and eyes or the lips to bring attention to those areas and distract from a double chin.

3. Perfect Your Posture

Whether you’re taking photographs or participating in numerous video calls, the way your body is positioned can make all the difference. Place a pillow behind your lower back while sitting or push your chin forward and shoulders back when standing upright to optimize your appearance.

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