5 Tips for Rejuvenating Dull and Tired Skin

Time, gravity, bad lifestyle habits, and stress from the environment can hasten the breakdown of collagen and moisture-loving hyaluronic acid in your skin. This not only leads to wrinkles, but can also cause your skin to appear lackluster and discolored. Some of the most common causes of dull skin include dehydration from not drinking enough water or moisturizing, a buildup of dead skin that clogs the pores, and dryness. There are various methods of skin rejuvenation at our Newton-based practice, including the non-laser, energy-based Opus Plasma® device and PRX-T33 Bio Stimulator, which are non-invasive treatments that save time for patients because they don’t require a lengthy recovery. Along with these procedures, here are some things patients can do to enhance their facial tone and texture:

1. Go Easy on Your Skin 

Even though cleansing your skin each day is critical, be gentle and avoid any harsh scrubs, irritating soaps, or hot water that would harm the outer layer. Switch to lukewarm water and moisturizing cleansers. Creamy cleansers are usually best.

2. Upgrade Your Moisturizing Routine

If you’re skipping moisturizer, that choice could lead to unhealthy skin. You need to moisturize twice a day to protect the skin barrier and prevent moisture loss. Choose the right kind of moisturizer: Look for powerful ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin. 

3. Use Collagen-Stimulating Products

You can also use products that are designed to boost collagen production to make up for the inevitable loss of the protein from your skin over time. Retinoids boost collagen and the production of new blood vessels in the skin while also stimulating skin cell turnover.

4. Exfoliate 

Exfoliating regularly will save your skin from becoming dull and flaky. Never use harsh physical exfoliants (such as anything with apricot seeds).

5. Try In-Office Cosmetic Treatments

The Opus Plasma® device and PRX-T33 Bio Stimulator are great for improving wrinkles and scars, as well as skin concerns that can’t be treated with fillers such as dullness, enlarged pores, broken blood vessels, stretch marks, and uneven texture. These techniques won’t cause peeling and are less damaging to the skin compared to other laser or chemical-based options. 

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