How Can BOTOX® Enhance Your Lip Area?

Every year, millions of patients choose to have botulinum injections as a way of reducing common wrinkles that occur due to ongoing muscle contractions. These wrinkles include pesky lines at the corners of the eyes called crow’s feet and horizontal worry lines on the forehead above the eyebrows. It’s only natural to want a more youthful, refreshed-looking appearance, and that’s exactly what botulinum injections (also referred to as neuromodulators) provide. By temporarily keeping specific facial muscles still, the skin doesn’t “bunch up” into small folds on the surface.

Although many people think of BOTOX® as the benchmark cosmetic procedure for making wrinkles look less noticeable, it also has many other applications for the face and neck that patients may not know about. Usually, only the upper area of the face—such as the forehead and around the eyes—is injected with this medication, but it can be beneficial for the lower face as well. For instance, a BOTOX® lip flip from our Newton-based Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics team can make the mouth area look more symmetrical and attractive.

Here are some of the main benefits associated with BOTOX® for the lips and mouth area:

Enhancing the Shape of the Upper Lip

A BOTOX® lip flip improves the appearance of the upper lip in a subtle way that’s different from the enhancement you can get from fillers. By relaxing the muscles around the mouth, the upper lip curls outward slightly and definition is added to the vermillion border, which is the edge of the lip.  

Reducing Lip Lines

Continuous pursing of the upper lip when smoking, using a straw, or making facial expressions can create vertical wrinkles above the upper lip, especially when combined with sun damage and toxins from cigarette smoke. BOTOX®reduces these fine wrinkles caused by muscle activity, giving the lip area a more youthful appearance.

Treating Downturned Corners of the Mouth

Patients who have a constantly downturned smile may appear grumpy or unhappy, even when they’re not. BOTOX®relaxes the muscles that pull down the corners of the mouth, allowing the resting expression to appear more positive, welcoming, and friendly. Goodbye resting “you know what” face.

Relaxing a Gummy Smile

Some people have what’s referred to as a “gummy smile,” which shows too much of their gums. While not a lip flip, a BOTOX® injection can relax the upper lip so that less of the gums show when you’re smiling or grinning. 

Want a more stunning smile? Find out more about a BOTOX® lip flip from the Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics team. Call (617) 597-2600 or send a message online to set up an appointment with us if you’re curious about how BOTOX® works to improve the mouth area.

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