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How to Get Natural-Looking Lip Filler in the Boston Area

Lip injections often get a bad rap for giving people pouts that appear over exaggerated and fake looking. We’ve all seen those extreme “duck lips” that make it seem like the recipient has been stung by a bee—and this isn’t what most people sign up for when they ask for lip fillers. However, in reality, most cases of lip injections don’t turn out that way, and one of the biggest myths about fillers is that you can’t have normal, natural-looking results. If you’re near to the downtown Boston area and searching for a quality lip filler, our Newton practice will be happy to guide you in the right direction so you won’t have to be anxious about having a botched treatment.

It’s important to note that the filler itself is not the primary issue in the bulk of problem cases. The main way to avoid that “overdone” appearance and give yourself the best chance of satisfaction with the outcome from lip filler is to choose a fully licensed, highly experienced injector who uses proper techniques. Our Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics team aims for a subtle, conservative approach to lip injections so that you still look like yourself. Ideally, people won’t even be able to tell that you’ve had anything done.

One of the main reasons why some patients end up with undesirable results is that their injector uses the wrong amount of product. It’s best to go slow with lip treatments and not do too much in one visit. Many experts also advise treating both the upper and lower lip for more balanced, realistic-looking outcomes—instead of only enhancing one of the lips.

Fillers like Juvederm® restore the essentials that aging lips are in serious need of: hydration and fullness. That said, people of all ages can choose fillers, and they are often used by patients who have long been dissatisfied with the natural shape or size of their lips, or by those who simply want to optimize their features.

If you still don’t like the way your lips look after a treatment, the good thing about hyaluronic acid-based fillers is that there is an easy fix. You can reverse the results by dissolving the gel with an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

If Juvederm® lip filler interests you, or you’re ready to try other fillers, the Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics team in Newton can get you started. Get the lip shape and volume you’ve always wanted! Call us at (617) 597-2600 or message us.

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