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How to Sculpt Your Jawline with Fillers

No matter your opinion of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, having “work done” is easier and more acceptable than ever before—especially because patients no longer need to have dramatic surgery to enhance their looks. Getting the face you’ve always wanted can be as simple as having a few strategically placed dermal filler injections. For example, Dr. Holly Happe at Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics offers JUVEDERM VOLUMA® injections for Newton-area women and men who want a sculpted, softer, or more symmetrical jawline.

That said, men and women have some differences—such as bone density, facial shape, and more—and so usually have unique preferences for their facial appearance. Men tend to have wider, heavier jaws, longer chins, and a more angular overall facial structure. Classically handsome features include a stronger, square-jawed look, which can be seen as authoritative and even attractive.

Women, on the other hand, typically have softer curves with fuller lips and rounder cheeks.

No matter what the “standards” are, however, it’s up to each patient to decide what his or her aesthetic goals are. An experienced injector using the proper products can shape any of a range of looks. Various dermal filler techniques can mold the lower face to look more masculine, feminine, defined, less obtrusive, or youthful.

This is key, because some people desire a lean, chiseled jawline and cheekbone structure instead of a weak, recessed chin and chubby cheeks. On the other hand, people are self-conscious about having “pinched in” or angular and prominent cheekbones and a pointier chin.

Aging is said to bring wisdom and experience, but it also typically makes the jawline heavier, as the bones and muscles of the face are no longer able to properly hold up skin and fat. Bones recede, muscle mass disappears, skin stretches, and fat atrophies. Jowls and deep nasolabial creases form on the lower third of the face, while the cheeks become sunken and flat, leading to jowls below.

Hyaluronic acid-based VOLUMA® is a heavy, durable filler intended for augmenting the cheeks, “going against gravity” to elevate the soft tissues while minimizing creases. Filler treatments have the benefit of making the area that extends from the ear to the chin and the neck look sharper and cleaner. VOLUMA® also has off-label uses for the jaw itself to restore contours or enhance bone structure. Injectors can create balance and harmony while avoiding an “overdone” appearance. Depending on how filler is applied, it can soften harsh features, highlight other ones, or both.

Want to know more about sculpting your jawline with JUVEDERM VOLUMA® treatments from Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics, serving Newton and surrounding areas? If you’re ready to get started, call 617-597-2600 or request an appointment online.

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