Juvederm®: The Secret to Natural-Looking Lip Filler

Although some patients prefer an extreme look, many who are considering a filler treatment are often worried about having an overdone appearance that makes their results very obvious. We’ve all seen the stories of rare cases when lip fillers have gone wrong, producing crazy looking, gigantic lips with lumpy areas and an over-hanging upper lip that detracts from an otherwise appealing face. This doesn’t have to happen! Working with an experienced injector, such as Dr. Holly Happe, is an important first step to maintaining a natural appearance. Beyond that, if you want to look effortlessly beautiful after lip injections with Juvederm® at our Newton-based practice—rather than ending up with exaggerated “trout mouth syndrome”—here are some things you should know before your session.

Go Slow and Start Small

The general approach to lip fillers (especially if you naturally have very small, thin lips) is this: Less is more. You probably want lips that fit your existing facial proportions. The good news for people who want a subtle look is that most injectors will automatically use the filler conservatively to avoid overfilling. Dr. Happe prefers to take a gradual approach, only injecting a small amount at a time so that you can get accustomed to it and come back for more if you wish to. Many providers often prefer not to use more than 1ml or cc of filler per treatment.

Know What You Want

Ultimately, your look is up to you. Be sure of how big you actually want your lips to be, and talk to us about your goals so that we have a clear understanding of what you want. Knowing the golden ratio for subtle lip fillers can make a big difference, but don’t worry! You don’t have to know the math! Just be sure to explain the results you’re aiming for. It can help to bring in pictures of lips you like. We can’t “re-create” them, but we can get an idea of your preferences.

Choose the Right Type of Filler

Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus add significant volume to make lips more pillowy. Versa, Restylane® Silk, and Restylane® are also available for a subtler volume enhancement.  We can help you decide which filler would suit you best.

Learn all about Juvederm® and other options at Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics, and find the lip filler that’s perfect for you. To request a consultation, call (617) 597-2600 or write to let us know more.

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