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Non-Surgical Ways to Lose Chin Fat

The much-maligned double chin is something many of us have to deal with, whether due to genetics, weight gain, underdeveloped bone structure, or loose skin around the jawline from aging. Some people are self-conscious about this under-chin volume, feeling that it makes them look older or heavier than they really are. You may have heard about natural techniques that are said to lessen fat in the neck region, such as losing overall body weight and changing your diet or participating in chin yoga. These options—while positive—don’t always work to sculpt the specific target area. If your chin is an aesthetic problem for you, it may be time to consider professional cosmetic intervention. Kybella® injections, which we offer at Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics, are a highly efficient method for decreasing chin fat for Boston patients.

But first things first: What exactly it Kybella®, and how does it work?

Not everyone is ready for plastic surgery, but there are less-invasive, low-risk options. Kybella® is a form of mesotherapy, which is a non-surgical, minimally invasive, clinical beauty treatment that involves infusing the layer of fat below the skin with tiny injections of pharmaceutical mixtures, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, or other serums. Other types of mesotherapy treatments may be used to enhance skin quality or reduce the severity of cellulite, but Kybella® is designed specifically to break down the fat cells that contribute to a double chin.

For body contouring with Kybella®, a synthesized form of deoxycholic acid (found naturally in the digestive system where it breaks down fat cells for absorption) is used to “melt” fat cells under the skin. It starts working in minutes to eradicate the cells, which are gradually filtered out of the body over weeks, leaving behind a much slimmer jawline.

Kybella® is a popular alternative to riskier plastic surgery, such as liposuction, used to suction away fat through incisions. Kybella® recipients don’t usually need any recovery time and can return to their daily activities essentially right away, though they may have some initial swelling at the injection site.

If you’re interested in discovering more about chin fat reduction with Kybella® injections in Boston, contact Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics to help you plan your procedure or answer any questions you may have. Explore techniques for losing chin fat by calling us today at (617) 597-2600 or, if you prefer, writing us a message.

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