Radiesse®: How Fillers Can Make Your Hands Look Younger

Although a lot of treatments are focused on counteracting the effects of facial aging, the hands are one of the main areas that show telltale signs of the passage of time. Just like the skin on the rest of the body, the skin on the hands is vulnerable to environmental damage and the gradual breakdown of collagen, elastin, and more. Our hands experience a lot of wear and tear, as we constantly use them each day as tools to accomplish daily tasks, such as lifting and gripping onto objects so that they routinely flex, twist, move. They are also exposed to sunlight and harsh chemicals—and then to water when routinely washing our hands. Given the regular scouring, they can quickly become dried out. The skin on the hands has a very fragile structure and unfortunately, as time goes on, it can lose its strength and flexibility. Since we have to use our hands all the time and can’t protect them from every element that can age them, what can be done? The Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics team suggest Radiesse® for Newton-area patients looking to revitalize their look from the wrists down.  

Hands contain tendons, nerve fibers, and blood vessels that are very close to the surface. Because the skin on the back of the hand is particularly thin and contains less fat, it is very susceptible to dehydration. It’s common for the skin to become even thinner as you age, taking on a crepe paper texture. Because of this thinning and loosening, blood vessels and tendons may become more visible below the skin, while damage from ultraviolet radiation can also lead to the development of rough patches and sunspots on the surface.

Radiesse® is a soft tissue filler consisting of a water-based gel filled with calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres. It’s often used to add volume to specific areas of volume loss, reducing the depth of folds in the center and lower part of the face. Additionally, the filler has also been approved for augmenting the backs of hands. Once injected, it adds noticeable fullness, lifting the skin while also stimulating natural collagen production. This means the skin will continue to thicken and smooth out for months, resulting in a fuller look that better hides cord-like tendons and dark veins.

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