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Reducing Bra and Back Fat with Kybella®

There’s no doubt that many of us have a complicated relationship with our body fat. It often seems to be easy to gain a lot of but difficult to lose, even when it comes to small deposits. It’s amazing how even the slightest bulge can seem throw off your proportions or keep an otherwise perfect outfit from fitting just right.

Ever dream of being able to just wave a wand and magically put an end to unwanted fat forever? It may not be a miracle cure or a magic bullet, but Kybella® comes close to doing exactly that. At the very least, it can dissolve targeted fat cells in specific areas, slimming the area down for good. The Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics team understands that many patients want a safe, convenient way to address pinchable fat without having to undergo more extensive plastic surgery, such as liposuction. For any of these patients, Kybella® injections from the Newton-based practice may be the answer.

It’s true that being overweight can cause some people to have an excess of fat that sits on the neck, known as a double chin. Weight is not the only contributing factor, however. Other possible causes of what is technically known as “submental fullness” include aging and genetics, both of which can cause large fat cells to stubbornly “stick” to the under-chin area. Kybella® is FDA approved and indicated for improving this moderate to severe under-the-chin fat on adults.

That is not all it can do, however. Unlike some other fat-reduction techniques, Kybella® is most effective on tiny areas of fat, and it has recently been used for non-invasive body contouring. Such applications are known as “off label,” which simply means the FDA has not made any approval statements as to these specific uses of the product. Many doctors familiar with Kybella® (and other treatments) safely and routinely employ their experience and skill to deliver innovative results.

In this case, Kybella® is quite effective for treating concerns like bra bulge/armpit fat and back fat. This includes fullness that tends to linger along the edge of women’s pectoral muscles. The injectable has also been shown to be useful for enhancing the results of surgical procedures, like breast reduction and liposuction. Ideal candidates have good skin elasticity and are close to their goal weight.

For any off-label uses, you’ll want to choose a very experienced injector who is thoroughly familiar with injectables in general and Kybella® in specific.

Want to explore more off-label applications of Kybella®? Newton’s Dr. Happe Medical Aesthetics is here to assist you with everything you need. Call (617) 597-2600 or submit a contact form for more details.

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